Irish firms increasingly hopeful of Brexit upside

Almost one in four Irish companies believe that Brexit will affect them positively, up from 14pc this time last year, according to a survey by the Dublin Chamber. The survey carried out amongst 359 companies, found that the number of firms that believe Brexit will hit them negatively fell slightly in the 12 months to […]

Building Lasting Value in your Business

Rich vs. Famous – Have you set a goal for your company this year? If you’re like most business owners, you’re striving for an increase in your annual sales. It’s natural to want your company to be bigger because that’s what everyone around us seems to celebrate. Magazines profile the fastest growing companies, industry associations […]

The future of work

Technology is changing the face of business The disruption caused by the advance of technology in the workplace is a source of both opportunity and concern for organisations and their people. Emerging technologies including artificial intelligence and automation offer the ability to increase productivity and improve customer experience by learning from the data that can […]

Payroll Newsletter – Winter 2017

Warning! Changes & Challenges Ahead for Payroll There are many changes happening now and in the next 2 years 2018 and 2019 that all Employers need to familiarise themselves with in relation to the processing of payroll and dealing with employee information. We advise that you read the following so that you can be prepared […]