Our team has an excellent, longstanding record in advising and assisting businesses and individuals in financial difficulty.

Rescue is our priority. Early consultation ensures the greatest opportunity to identify the best rescue plan.

Our experienced team can quickly get to the bottom of the issues, identify and test possible solutions before considering a formal insolvency approach. Our close working relationships with financial institutions across the region allows quick access to key decision makers to identify where a work-out is

We provide clear and concise advice and where businesses and individuals are unable to improve cash flow and profitability.


When considering the routes available for rescue and recovery, we look at your business or personal
position to understand all available options.  This approach may mean moving to a more formal insolvency process or it may identify the problem and have it addressed outside of a formal process
through a debt settlement or other corrective actions.  Early consultation can mean more options are

Corporate Insolvency

We have an excellent record in advising and assisting companies in financial difficulty.  Whether it is
an unexpected issue with cash flow or receiving notice of a winding-up petition, we work with you to
develop a comprehensive proposal to creditors for the continued survival of your business.

Personal Insolvency

We will work with you to identify the most appropriate solution to your financial situation whether that be an informal arrangement with creditors, an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) or bankruptcy.

Whatever the solution, we are here to share the burden, relieve the pressure and help put your financial difficulties behind you, allowing you to start afresh.

Business Planning