Warning hard Brexit could leave Border region further behind

How to deal with the Border issue post-Brexit looks increasingly intractable. Foreign Minister Simon Coveney has argued we have agreement on maintaining the Common Travel Area, which will ensure the free movement of people north and south. But maintaining current levels of cross border cooperation and integration, and ensuring the tariff-free movement of goods and […]

The value of stakeholder engagement

Engaging with stakeholders is crucial to the success of any organisation. To succeed, an organisation must have a clear vision derived from a robust strategic planning process, and an effective strategic plan or marketing plan can only come from stakeholder engagement. Key stakeholder opinions and insights are incredibly valuable in the early stages of the […]

So what will 2018 bring?

Here are five things to expect over the next 12 months. 1. Your face will replace your password For a decade, we’ve been wondering when a ‘Minority Report’-style facial-recognition service might arrive into the mainstream. With the arrival of Apple’s latest iPhoneX this moment may have finally come into being. For those who missed it, […]

Ten things women need to know about pensions

Women get a raw deal on pensions. Fewer of them work outside the home, and they often get paid less when they do take up paid employment. Many work only part-time. All this means that the gender pay gap feeds into the pension issue. So when they get to retire they typically have a third […]

Tax Liability on a Pensioner’s 75th Birthday

The normal retirement age for the majority of pension schemes is 60 years of age. In more recent years, people are continuing to work well into their 70’s and 80’s. Where this is the case, there is not always an immediate requirement to draw down pension funds as they have sufficient income from other sources. […]

Passing on the family Business – Succession planning

Many thriving family businesses have failed to succeed after the first generation, one of the reasons being the failure to plan adequately for succession. While people are conscious that various taxes are triggered on succession, some are not aware of the generous reliefs that are currently available which may allow them to transfer their assets […]

Start Your Own Business Relief

Introduction If you have been unemployed for at least 12 months and set up a qualifying business, the Start Your Own Business scheme provides an exemption from income tax up to a maximum of €40,000 per annum for a period of 2 years. Start Your Own Business Relief only applies to income tax payable on […]

Sell vs hold onto your business – The downside of holding on

The downside of holding on to your business and just ‘milking it’ If you have considered selling your business of late, you may have been disappointed to see the offers a business like yours would garner from would-be acquirers. According to the latest analysis of some 20,000 business owners, the average offer being made by […]

Surviving a Revenue Audit: You Reap what you sow

What are your chances of a Revenue audit? How can you make the best of it? You might shudder at the thought of Revenue scrutinising every aspect of your financial affairs, but the reality is an audit can happen to anyone. Luckily, your chances of an audit have lowered significantly in the last 8 years, […]

Your business providing for your future

Are you a business owner and thinking about the future prospect of disposing of your business or transferring it to your children? Even if you do not intend to retire for a number of years, it is important that you are aware of the tax implications and also the tax reliefs that are available on […]