Surviving a Revenue Audit: You Reap what you sow

What are your chances of a Revenue audit? How can you make the best of it? You might shudder at the thought of Revenue scrutinising every aspect of your financial affairs, but the reality is an audit can happen to anyone. Luckily, your chances of an audit have lowered significantly in the last 8 years, […]

How to hedge against currency volatility

The value of any currency can, and does, fluctuate over time due to the many economic, fiscal or political vagaries that face any economy, and in turn their domestic currency. The outcome of certain ‘risk events’ can have a material impact on the value of currencies, dependent on the outcome of said events. The aftershocks […]

Finance Bill 2017 – Key highlights

Key Employee Engagement Programme (KEEP) Where an employer grants an option to an employee to buy shares in a company and the employee exercises the option, she/he is currently liable to Income Tax, PRSI and USC before receiving any cash. The total benefit received by the employee will be taxed at CGT rates when the […]

How safe is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is becoming an everyday topic of conversation, this week has seen bitcoin hit a peak of over $20,000 following the cryptocurrency’s debut on Wall Street, a massive rise from where it was at the beginning of 2017 where it cost just over $950 to purchase a Bitcoin. With this rise in interest from the […]