The value of stakeholder engagement

Engaging with stakeholders is crucial to the success of any organisation. To succeed, an organisation must have a clear vision derived from a robust strategic planning process, and an effective strategic plan or marketing plan can only come from stakeholder engagement. Key stakeholder opinions and insights are incredibly valuable in the early stages of the […]

Passing on the family Business – Succession planning

Many thriving family businesses have failed to succeed after the first generation, one of the reasons being the failure to plan adequately for succession. While people are conscious that various taxes are triggered on succession, some are not aware of the generous reliefs that are currently available which may allow them to transfer their assets […]

Finance Bill 2017 – Key highlights

Key Employee Engagement Programme (KEEP) Where an employer grants an option to an employee to buy shares in a company and the employee exercises the option, she/he is currently liable to Income Tax, PRSI and USC before receiving any cash. The total benefit received by the employee will be taxed at CGT rates when the […]